The Process of Installing a Roof.

Olathe Roof Replacement

Roof installation is not one of the DIY jobs that homeowners can take on themselves. It’s a complicated and dangerous job, best left to the professionals. Whether you are thinking about roofing a new house or re-roofing an existing one, it is essential to understand the entire process from start to finish. We specialize in […]

Why People are Switching to Metal Roofs

Why all the metal roofs? In general a regular 3-tab asphalt shingle roof that is properly installed will last on average 20-25 years in any climate. That is compared to a 50-70 year average lifespan in any climate for metal roofs. This is just regarding normal wear and tear without significant weather events. Wind Resistance: […]

10 Signs Your Roof Needs an Inspection in Florida

It’s no secret that Florida experiences all kinds of weather. From hot, summer days to cold, winter nights, our roofs take a beating. Most people only think about their roof when there is a problem. However, it’s important to be proactive and have regular inspections to ensure your roof is in good condition. So how […]

Common Types of Roofs In Florida

1. How old is your roof, and what is the lifespan of materials used? Simple roof design with two planes often referred to as a “pitched” or “peaked” roof. There are some of the more common types and are recognizable by two plane characteristic and triangular forward facing street view. Positives: The “pitched” and “peaked” […]