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Florida metal roofing

When selecting a roofing material for your property, it’s important to know the differences between them. Metal roofing is a popular option for both residential and commercial properties in Florida because of its durability, resistance to harsh weather conditions and fire, and low maintenance requirements. In addition, metal roofs provide physical protection against destructive forces such as strong winds.

At Storm Contracting, we are proud to specialize in metal roofing in St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas. Our team of professionals is experienced in all aspects of the metal roofing process, from design and planning to installation and finishing, ensuring that you are satisfied at every stage of the project.

We offer a variety of paneling options to suit your needs, including mechanically seamed panels, corrugated metal roofing, exposed fasteners, hidden fasteners, and snap lock metal panels.


Storm Contracting prides itself on best in industry customer service.

Donald and crew were here the days and times they promised, and worked quickly and efficiently. They cleaned up each day and cleaned up everything on the final day. I would recommend Storm Contracting to anyone.


Donald was hired to replace my roof, paint my house and replace the gutters. He did everything like he said he would.


I'm happy that I hired Storm Contracting for my roof replacement. Donald was professional and there on time, every time.


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At Storm Contracting, we understand that your home is your sanctuary. Let us transform it into a safe and comfortable haven with our extensive expertise in Florida metal roofing and maintenance requirements.

For years, Storm Contracting has been providing exceptional metal roofing services in Florida. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is matched only by our dedication to maintaining a positive working environment for our team. You can trust us to take care of your home as if it were our own.



Standing seam and screw-down panel metal roof systems are the two options. Remember that while both metal roof types have their uses in the roofing business, a standing seam metal roof is ideal for residential applications.

The greatest metal roofing method is standing seam. The fundamental benefit of this panel is that the fasteners are hidden, making it the most weathertight roofing panel available. It is, however, the costliest choice and will only be offered in 24 gauge or thicker gauge.
Steel and aluminum are the most prevalent commercial metal roofing materials. Many steel panels are made of galvanized or galvalume steel and then colored.

benefits of metal roofing

When it comes to renovating or replacing old shingle roofs, aluminum is a top consideration for several reasons. In addition to our 20 year warranty on all aluminum products (not just panels) and sleek panel designs, there are numerous other benefits, including:

– Exceptional durability to withstand harsh weather conditions without leaks or damage
– A wide range of color combinations to match your home’s exterior design, from classic white aluminum flashing to modern black powder coating
– A lifetime/transferable warranty on all parts against manufacturers’ defects in workmanship for up to years after installation
– Factory-made custom flashings tailored to each client’s specific needs
– Long-lasting weather tightness with hidden fasteners that won’t rust or warp easily
– Up to 99% recycled aluminum, making metal roofs a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice

At Storm Contracting, we offer a variety of metal roofing systems, from traditional stands to roll-forming styles, to meet your functional and design needs. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and get started on your residential or commercial project.

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