Why People are Switching to Metal Roofs

Why People are Switching to Metal Roofs

Why all the metal roofs?

In general a regular 3-tab asphalt shingle roof that is properly installed will last on average 20-25 years in any climate. That is compared to a 50-70 year average lifespan in any climate for metal roofs. This is just regarding normal wear and tear without significant weather events.

Wind Resistance:

Metal roofs are rated to withstand higher winds and larger hail impacts before damaging the integrity of the roof. With a proper metal roof install you can expect it to withstand 140 MPH winds and some have withstood 180 MPH winds. 

With shingles they have a rating system for
each type of shingle product and what it’s wind rating resistance is. Owens
Corning classification of their shingles product lines goes as follows.

  • Class D: Withstands up to 90 MPH
  • Class G: Withstand up to 120 MPG
  • Class H: Withstands up to 150 MPH

Hail resistance:

Large size hail (around golf ball size and larger) can destroy any shingle roof. Let’s just state the obvious here. Metal can withstand projectiles better than asphalt shingles. Metal panels usually have different thicknesses as well, so with a thick metal panel a normal hail storm is nothing to worry about with your metal roof.

Fire Resistance:

Your typical asphalt roofing shingle can withstand fire but does not beat the fire resistance of metal. Metal roofs win the fire resistance test when compared to shingles.

What About Energy Efficiency?

A common misconception is that a metal roof is hotter than a shingle roof. It’s actually the opposite with the metal reflective properties. Shingles are normally darker and absorb heat from the sun, while metal will reflect a larger portion of the sun’s rays. Metal roof owners can see up to 20% increase in energy saving when switching to a metal roof for the summer months.


Shingles are often made up of recycled materials, but once they leave a roof they often find their way to the closest landfill. Metal on the other hand lasts longer taking up less space in the landfills. Not to mention can be repurposed once removed due to its durability and longevity. Metal wins the eco-friendliness hands down.

The Details of a Standing Seam Metal Roof:

Metal roofs have come a long way from the old barn roof. So where is the value in a standing seam metal roof?

Older style metal roofs required exposed fasteners (screws). Even though these screws are equipped with a rubber washer to help seal water from getting under the panel they become more vulnerable with time due to temperature fluctuations, constant sun rays, or wind pulling on panels and screws.

With a standing seam roof there are no exposed fasteners or screws to the elements. They utilize clips often secured directly to the decking, and male and female ends of panels to attach the metal panels to each other.

This means there is no need to put holes in the metal panel which have often been the failing point of older metal type panels. Not only is this practical to prevent damages, but it really makes for a clean and aesthetically pleasing look that will boost any curb appeal.

The Cost of a Metal Roof:

Now here is the downfall to a standing seam metal roof compared to the typical shingle roof. Yes it is more expensive. Especially standing seam as it is labor intensive and requires unique tools and equipment to cut, bend, and shape the panels into shape.

The upfront expenses are costly compared to shingle, but in the long run will save you more money and bring the most value in your home. With the durability, resistance, and energy efficiency there won’t be much to worry about for a while with your new standing seam roof.

Get A Professional Metal Installer:

Not everyone can install a proper metal roof and hiring somebody that’s not experienced could cost you a lot of money in the future for damages. We will always recommend you gather multiple quotes for any large project decision like replacing your roof with a standing seam system.

We would be happy to take a look and help you decide if a metal roof is right for your home. We can even provide you a quote at no expense to you to see if we are the right roofing company for your project.


Afton Jackson 6 September 2023 at 12:54 PM

The eco-friendliness of metal roofs really caught my eye as a great benefit of using that material. We’ve always been a very recycle-heavy family, so if we can upgrade our home using materials like these it could really help us out with keeping our mission. I’ll look around for a roofer in the area who can get us some metal materials to start using for our home right away.

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